People who argue against Christianity and religion with these kind of references really bother me.  All of them are from the Old Testament.  We no longer live in the Old Testament. There’s a second half of the Bible, the New Testament, which renounces a lot of the rules in the Old Testament.

These sorts of incorrect argument only come from ignorance on the topic.  I don’t know a thing about politics, so I don’t argue it even if I feel strongly one way, because I don’t have the knowledge to defend my choices, nor do I have the perceptual (did I just make up a word?) understanding to debate against another.  This post is a perfect example of simple ignorance.

If you want to argue for or against the Bible, politics, abortion, gay marriage, embryonic stem cell research, death penalty, etc., that’s fine.  America is a free country, designed so that you can believe as you wish.  But please, make it a little more challenging and get it right.

The source here is very awesome; don’t get me wrong.

But some of the responses are really not getting the point of it.  Like this one.  ”We” are not all following the New Testament because there are these other people, you may have heard of them, that follow the Bible, too; they’re called Jews.  There’s an argument to be had about this kind of material from the Tanach, or what you’d call the Old Testament, sure; that argument is not “it’s dumb irrational shit from the olden days lol wtf was that anyway” I’ll say that much.

The point is not that the question was asked; the point is that she had no answer to it.

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